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Essential Elements that are a Must-Have for your Shaving Kit

We have gotten to that time of the week or month. What time do you think I’m talking about? The time when it becomes evident you can’t avoid shaving. Your beard has probably grown out of proportion. For the ladies, it must be that leg hair that is growing denser than a rainforest. The point is simple here as you can’t avoid getting a shave. The tedium of shaving leads most to seeking out shaving services. But, you do know that you can actually do the shaving yourself when it comes to your beard, leg hair or armpit hair too? To beat the hair, get perfect modern shaving kit. This article is going to guide you through the process of assembling a shaving kit for the ages. Keep in mind that a good functional shaving kit is like a long-term investment.

Start by getting a befitting razor. The razor is the most fundamental item in the kit. Razors in the market will vary from electric ones to the traditional type. All razors will have a certain advantage and disadvantage, but for someone who isn’t a pro yet, the safety razor would be the best choice. Safety razors are known to be well, safe to use, relatively cheap and have a small learning curve. A double-blade razor can be good for a newcomer, rather than the multi-blade razors since you are able to protect against injury. Get a razor with a longer handle to increase grip, that is resistant to corrosion and whose blades are firmly in place.

The next big thing is the type of blades that you choose. It is essential to select the blades well as they are the ones tasked with the actual shaving job. A well-chosen razor that has terrible blades will still harm your skin. The best choice for a newbie is double edge blades with smooth but sharp edges. By making this choice, you will be able to avoid skin irritation The aim is to get value for money in something long-term.

Next up on your list should be the shaving brush. Most shaving brushes are made from animal hair that is strong. The parameters to look at are bristle softness, water retention capabilities, and amount of cream that it can hold and apply at a go. You also need some good soap to go with the other equipment to get a good shave. The soap is meant to lubricate your skin before the shave hence pick a brand that is efficient, good smelling and has ingredients which can soothe your skin like menthol. Finally, is the aftershave, which to be basic and to the point, avoid alcohol-based ones as they can irritate at first. Look for something alcohol-free, inhibits inflammations and good smelling. With all these adhered to, you can be certain that your shaving kit will not fail you.

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