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Everything You Need to Know About Drinking Horns

Nowadays, you can use various type of cup for your alcohol be it a stainless cup or a glass one but do you know that you can also use a horn for drinking your wine? Drinking horns are among the fanciest cups that you can ever drink your alcohol with. However, the drinking horn is actually so much more than a fancy cup that you can use for drinking your alcohol because it has a richer history more than you could ever imagine. This article is definitely for you if you wish to know more about the drinking horn and its rich history because here, we will provide you with eight interesting facts about it.

1. The drinking horn has a rich history that dates back to the times of the ancient civilizations as it was once used by them when they drink fermented drinks such as wine, ale and mead. When it comes to drinking fermented drinks way before glass was even invented, the ancient civilizations had to be creative enough that they even thought of using drinking horns from animals as their cups.

2. What’s so interesting about drinking horns is that they used to be called as pride for herders and hunters because they came from the animals that the ancient people used to hunt and rear. With that it mind, it is quite evident that the drinking horn is not just any cup but a insignia of bravery and excellence in herding.

3. The drinking horn is also considered as a historical symbol of victory because it has been used for over 3,000 years ago by ancient civilization. Therefore, if you see an ancient drinking horn, you can definitely consider it as a treasure.

4. The ancient civilizations that used to make drinking horns as cups for their drinks are the Greeks, Romans, Scandinavians and they are also a part of the history of the Thracians as well as the Scythians.

5. Another interesting fact about drinking horns is that they can be made of various animal horns from buffalo, ox and even cows! However, out of all these three, the buffalo drinking horns represent the greatest victory because buffalos were so hard to hunt back then.

6. If you are wondering how drinking horns are made, they are usually made by boiling the animal horn and when the bone marrow becomes too soft to scrape, they are later on removed. Sometimes, another boiling procedure is made to amend the form of the horn.

7. There is also another type of drinking horn called the Viking horn but in this drinking vessel, the natural form and shape of the horn is retained.

8. Finally, the ancient civilizations can also get as creative as they can with their drinking horns because some discovered drinking horns are found to be personalized with engraved patterns and drawings.

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